Tiny Guardians Achievement List

Shiny Shiny
Earn a total of 8 stars.
Starry Starry
Earn a total of 15 stars.
Starrific Starrific
Earn a total of 35 stars.
Startacular Startacular
Earn a total of 56 Stars.
Once Upon The End Once Upon The End
Defeat the Ringmaster.
Perfect Defense Perfect Defense
Defeat the Ringmaster and earn 4 stars for that level.
Tough Tale Tough Tale
Complete 12 Story levels (Hard Mode).
Tribrilliant Tribrilliant
Get 3 stars in 12 story levels (Hard Mode).
Stepped Up Stepped Up
Complete 7 Challenge levels.
Distant Dreams Distant Dreams
Complete 12 Challenge levels.
Lionheart Lionheart
Complete 12 Challenge levels (Hard mode).
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Complete 25 quests.
Snare Care Snare Care
Kill 30 units with Trap in a single level.
Bring Them To Life Bring Them To Life
Revive 1000 units with Regen.
Comet Plummet Comet Plummet
Kill 100 enemies with Starfall.
Collector Collector
Have 12 units in your collection.