Tinertia Achievement List

Conversion Conversion
Clear Core World
Stripped Stripped
Clear Mines World
Decay Decay
Clear Sewers World
Supply and Demand Supply and Demand
Clear Slums World
Self-Destruct Self-Destruct
Clear Factory World
The Mighty Dollar The Mighty Dollar
Clear Metropolis World
Force Quit Force Quit
Defeat the ARC
Beat Boss-Rush mode
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast
Earn All Time Medals
Be the Ball Be the Ball
Earn All Par Medals
To The Moon To The Moon
Speed-Run any World under 5 minutes
Baby Steps Baby Steps
Beat ReCyclops without shooting it
Set Lasers To Stun Set Lasers To Stun
Beat Mines-01 without touching the ground
Royal Flush Royal Flush
Beat Sewers-07 under 7 seconds
Bootstraps Bootstraps
Beat Drone RamR0D without rocket jumping on it
Days Without Injury Days Without Injury
Beat Factory-02 without touching the ground
Aim For The Bushes Aim For The Bushes
Beat Guardian without using Air-Dash
Exceedingly Efficient Exceedingly Efficient
Beat Command-02 without stunning any Drones