Tin Star Achievement List

Blackest Heart Blackest Heart
Become the most despicable Marshal.
Brought the Law Brought the Law
Bring the law to the frontier.
Frontier Freedom Frontier Freedom
Don’t put limitations on people.
Hang the Law Hang the Law
Hang Marshals Steele and James.
I am the Marshal I am the Marshal
See things through in Lander county.
K-Bar Award K-Bar Award
Kill the bear.
Love to Love Love to Love
Love more than most.
Master Betrayer Master Betrayer
Betray Carson, Caraway, and Schmidt in one play-through.
My Word is My Bond My Word is My Bond
Your word is your bond.
The Nameless Marshal The Nameless Marshal
Your feats are legend though your name is lost.
No Rules to Play By No Rules to Play By
Don’t accept anyone’s rules.
Hidden Achievement
Ride That Bear! Ride That Bear!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
True Indian Friend True Indian Friend
You are a true friend to the Indians.
With an Iron Hand With an Iron Hand
You are the Marshal that brought order to the frontier.