Tiki Galore Achievement List

Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle
Kill Your First Tiki
Well Aren't You Special? Well Aren’t You Special?
Use a Total of 50 Tiki Specials
Get Some Heads Get Some Heads
Collect a Total of 500 Shrunken Heads
Point of No Return! Point of No Return!
Spend 2 hours & 1 second on Galore Island
Tiki of All Trades Tiki of All Trades
Use each Tiki Special
Can't Touch This, Duh Nuh Na Nuh Na Can’t Touch This, Duh Nuh Na Nuh Na
Kill 3 Tikis with 1 Stamina Special
Teflon Tiki Teflon Tiki
Kill 20 Tikis with Deflected Spears while Health Special is Active
Bet They Didn't See That Coming Bet They Didn’t See That Coming
Kill 3 Tikis with a Homing Spear in a single match
2 Tikis, 1 Bomb 2 Tikis, 1 Bomb
Blow up at least 2 Tikis with 1 Coco Spear Special
Burnt to a Crisp Burnt to a Crisp
Cause 6,969 Damage with Fire Spears
String 'em Up! String ’em Up!
Snare 20 Tikis with Tangle Traps
Group Tiki Penetration Group Tiki Penetration
Kill 3 Tikis with the same Spike Trap
The Gods Will Be Pleased! The Gods Will Be Pleased!
Kill 50 Tikis in 1 Match
Give 'em the Flinger Give ’em the Flinger
Launch 2 Tikis to their Death with 1 Spring Trap
Volcanic High Volcanic High
Super Jump to highest point inside Volcano
Raise the Salt Levels Raise the Salt Levels
Taunt your Kills 100 times
Sneaky Tiki Sneaky Tiki
Use Invisibility 3 times and Get 3 Kills each time