Ticket To Ride Achievement List

Conductor Level 1 Conductor Level 1
Play 20 games
Conductor Level 2 Conductor Level 2
Play 100 games
Conductor Level 3 Conductor Level 3
Play 1,000 games
Conductor Level 4 Conductor Level 4
Play 5,000 games
Conductor Level 5 Conductor Level 5
Play 20,000 games
Pressure Gauge 300 Pressure Gauge 300
Score 300+ (in Mega variant).
Pressure Gauge 400 Pressure Gauge 400
Score 400+ (in Mega variant).
3 Punched Tickets 3 Punched Tickets
3 completed (in standard game only)
6 Punched Tickets 6 Punched Tickets
6 completed (in standard game only)
9 Punched Tickets 9 Punched Tickets
9 completed (in standard game only)
12 Punched Tickets 12 Punched Tickets
12 completed (in standard game only)
Hidden Achievement
15 Punched Tickets 15 Punched Tickets
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hobo Hobo
Win without completing any tickets
Trestle Trestle
Win using no 1 or 2-space routes
Hand Car Hand Car
Win without using any locomotives
Transcontinental Transcontinental
Win with a continuous route of 45 trains
Coal Tender Coal Tender
Win while claiming all black routes
Economy Class Economy Class
Win without having more than 10 train cards in hand at any time.
Poker Player Poker Player
Win while claiming all “5” routes.
Old Movies Old Movies
Win while only claiming grey routes.
Railway Tycoon Railway Tycoon
Win while playing against 4 Vanderbot Jr (in standard game only).
Dynamite Joe Dynamite Joe
Win without your opponent(s) having completed any of their tickets.
Urban Traveller Urban Traveller
Win while connecting all 7 Big Cities (in Big Cities variant).
First Tracks First Tracks
Win with your 5 initial tickets and no others (in Mega variant).
Modest Entrepreneur Modest Entrepreneur
Win without any of the 2 bonuses (in Mega variant).
Station Rat Station Rat
Win on the Europe map while using all 3 Stations
Orient Express Orient Express
Win on the Europe map with a Route connecting London, Paris, München, Wien, Budapest, Bucuresti and Constantinople
Romanov Train Romanov Train
Win on the Europe map with a Route connecting all 11 Russian Empire cities Petrograd – Riga – Wilno – Warszawa – Smolensk – Moskva – Kyiv – Kharkov – Rostov – Sevastopol – Sochi
National Railways National Railways
Win on the Europe map without your Long Destination Ticket
Baltic Explorer Baltic Explorer
Win on the Europe map with a 45 trains Long Route going through the 8-spaces Tunnel
Alphorn Player Alphorn Player
Win on the Switzerland map without completing any Country-to-country or City-to-Country Ticket
Chocolate Exporter Chocolate Exporter
Win on the Switzerland map while connecting all 4 surrounding Countries
Valley Commuter Valley Commuter
Win on the Switzerland map without claiming any Tunnel route
Ticket Puncher Ticket Puncher
Win on the Switzerland map with the deck of Destination Tickets empty at game end
Lake Express Lake Express
Win on the Switzerland map while connecting all the great Swiss Lakes (Geneve or Lausanne, Neuchatel, Interlaken, Zurich, Lugano, Locarno, Kreuzlingen)
Mountain Hermit Mountain Hermit
Win on the Legendary Asia map while only claiming Mountain routes
Marco Polo Marco Polo
Win on the Legendary Asia map with the Asian Explorer Bonus connecting 22 Cities
Double Trouble Double Trouble
Win on the Legendary Asia map while only claiming Double-routes
Faster Than Mongolian Horse Faster Than Mongolian Horse
Win on the Legendary Asia map in 24 turns or less
Asia Passport Asia Passport
Win all achievements for the Legendary Asia map
Fakir Fakir
Win on the India map without any Mandala Bonus
British Raj Tour British Raj Tour
Win on the India map while connecting Delhi, Calcutta, Madras & Bombay in a single Mandala
Hand of Kali Hand of Kali
Win on the India map while preventing all opponent(s) from scoring any Mandala Bonus
Indian Passport Indian Passport
Win all achievements for the India map
Mandala Maharaja Mandala Maharaja
Win on the India map with the 5 Mandalas Bonus
Santa Express Santa Express
Win with the Murmansk/Lieksa road
Arctic Circle Arctic Circle
Win while connecting together the 7 cities north of the Arctic Circle: Narvik, Kiruna, Rovaniemi, Tromso, Kirkenes, Murmansk, Honningsvag
The Pole Express The Pole Express
Connect Arhus to Honningsvag with 24 trains and win the game
Land Lines Land Lines
Win without using any ferries
Nordic Passport Nordic Passport
Win all achievements for the Nordic Countries map
Money for your Mileage Money for your Mileage
Win with at least 3 destinations worth 10 or more points.
In Diagonal we Trust In Diagonal we Trust
Win while connecting Cadiz to Petrograd or Edinburgh to Erzurum.
Sunny Mediterranean Sunny Mediterranean
Win while connecting Cadiz, Barcelona, Marseille, Roma and Palermo.
Bow Tie Forbidden Bow Tie Forbidden
Win without passing by Zurich, München, Wien, Budapest, Zagrab nor Venezia.
The Mole The Mole
Win while using at least 23 train cars in tunnels.
Finger in Every Pie Finger in Every Pie
Win with at least one action of each company.
Three of a Kind Three of a Kind
Win with actions from these 3 companies only: Erie Lackawanna Railway, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad.
Stranger Stranger
Win without any action from Pennsylvania Railroad (2 players only).
Early Bird Early Bird
Win with at least three #1 actions.
Pennsylvania Passport Pennsylvania Passport
Win all achievements for the Pennsylvania map