Thunder Gun: Revenge of the Mutants Achievement List

From the Abyss From the Abyss
Search for the world beyond our space and time; locate the Orbis statue that is hidden in each map.
250,000 Points 250,000 Points
Play an average game and score 250,000 points in a single match.
500,000 Points 500,000 Points
Play a hefty scoring round and score 500,000 points in a single match.
1,000,000 Points 1,000,000 Points
Socializing is for chumps; play a damn good round and score 1,000,000 points in a single match.
Thunder Jumper Thunder Jumper
Perform your first Thunder Jump by propelling yourself upward with the Thunder Gun.
First Aid First Aid
Pick up a Health Pack for the first time.
Nikola Nikola
Activate a Tesla Coil for the first time.
Overcharge Overcharge
Fire an Overcharge with the Thunder Gun for the first time.
Spontaneous Combustion Spontaneous Combustion
Press the Escape button during a match and see what happens.
So Long , Sucker! So Long , Sucker!
Trick a Walking Fat Mutant Cat-o-Ninetails into falling off a cliff and killing itself.
Streak Trick Streak Trick
Turn off Auto-Switch in the Options and swap from your Sub-Machine Gun just before taking damage in a Rainstorm to keep your Hit Streak.
250 Hit Streak 250 Hit Streak
Establish your might by getting up to a 250 Hit Streak in a match.
500 Hit Streak 500 Hit Streak
Avoid missing enough times to get yourself up to a 500 Hit Streak in a match.
1,000 Hit Streak 1,000 Hit Streak
Hide yourself away from the light of day and play a perfect game; get a 1,000 Hit Streak in a match.
Escape Velocity Escape Velocity
Meet your brothers in the stars and achieve the maximum upward speed.
Deadly Hive Deadly Hive
NO! NOT THE BEES! Fire the Sub-Machine Gun 1,500 times along your adventures.
Poisonous Serpent Poisonous Serpent
Strike your foes with its venom; fire a grand total of 500 Pistol shots across all of your matches.
Wooly Tusk Wooly Tusk
There’s power within its hairy ivory; shoot the Magnum 250 times over your career.
Fulgurite Fulgurite
Collectively shoot any of your Thunder Weapons for a total of 1,000 times in your career.
Hollow-Point Hoedown Hollow-Point Hoedown
Use the Hollow-Points Perk and Magnum to kill 6 enemies with a single bullet.
Exterminator Exterminator
Prevent Fat Mutant Corpses from spawning Stomach Mutants 10 times in your career by destroying their bloating bodies.
Tesla Mega-Chain Tesla Mega-Chain
Use a Tesla Coil to get a 50x Chain (Chain is not your HitStreak). It sure is sexy when you pull it off.
Science Enthusiast Science Enthusiast
Activate all of the available Tesla Coils on the map in a single match.
Troglodyte Troglodyte
Technology is for the sophisticated; score 250,000 points in a single match without activating any Tesla Coils.
Hypocondriac Hypocondriac
Shop around for doctors and pick up all of the Health Packs on the map in a single round.
Scurvy Dog Scurvy Dog
Neglect your dental hygiene by scoring 250,000 points in a single match without picking up ANY Health Packs.
5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Survive your first match in 5-Minute Mode or survive for 5 minutes in Endless Mode.
10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Play Endless Mode and survive for at least 10 Minutes in a single match.
Rain on Your Parade Rain on Your Parade
Encounter 35 Rainstorms across your Thunder Gunning career.
Death-o-Plenty Death-o-Plenty
Kill 2,500 enemies in your Thunder Gunning Career.
Max-Leveler Max-Leveler
Accumulate XP and level up your Profile to the Maximum Level.
Conscientious Objector Conscientious Objector
Stay true to your morals; refuse to attack the enemy and survive an entire 5-Minute match without killing ANYTHING.
Damage Ghost Damage Ghost
Put those dodging skills to use and avoid taking ANY damage for the FIRST 2 minutes and 30 seconds of a match.
Pretty Much Perfect Pretty Much Perfect
Make heavy use of that grace shot by using 5 Streak Saves within the SAME Hit Streak.
Health Camper Health Camper
Pick up the SAME Health Pack 5 times in a single match.
A Good Flogging A Good Flogging
Get whipped 20 times by the Fat Mutant Cat-o-Ninetails in a single match.
Masochist Masochist
Get the crap beaten out of you by taking 50 Damage in a single match.
Dr. Efficiency Dr. Efficiency
In a single round, pick up at least 10 Health Packs and heal yourself for the maximum amount every time.
Communal Commas Communal Commas
Help contribute to everyone’s success; get the Points Scored Worldwide up to 1 BILLION points, and all players will be awarded with this trophy.
Thunder Elite Thunder Elite
Prove that you are a Master Player; survive at least 5 minutes and get a 350 Hit Streak in a single match, all while using the Thunder Medal.