Three Dead Zed Achievement List

Let them eat cake! Let them eat cake!
Your escape begins here. (Start office 1)
Purrfect reception Purrfect reception
Yep – That’s a cat with a tinfoil hat.
Dead people keep secrets. Dead people keep secrets.
You found a secret message.
Restricted Access Restricted Access
Found a secret room. Shhh.
Cat sees everything Cat sees everything
Found all secret messages
Didn't read the signs. Didn’t read the signs.
Took 5 dangerous paths out.
Meowoar! Meowoar!
Beat the game. Unlocked Challenge levels.
Ready to conquer the world! Ready to conquer the world!
Well…not quite yet, but you’re looking good!
Take no prisoners! Take no prisoners!
Kill 100 Civilians
No Couch Potato. No Couch Potato.
Found all Potato Boys.
Way more than 9 Lives Way more than 9 Lives
Died 100 times
We got this We got this
Died less than 30 times completing the game
What's the Rush? What’s the Rush?
Beat the game under an hour
No challenge here No challenge here
Complete challenge stages in under 45 minutes