THOTH Achievement List

Shu Shu
Beat the first set of levels
Nephtys Nephtys
Beat four sets of levels
Anat Anat
Beat eight sets of levels
Set Set
Beat twelve sets of levels
Atum Atum
Finish the main game
Amun Amun
Beat the set of 8 procedurally generated levels
Ptah Ptah
Beat the set of 16 procedurally generated levels
Horus Horus
Beat the first lava challenge
Ra Ra
Beat the final challenge
Bastet Bastet
Beat 16 levels in a row in single player
Anubis Anubis
Beat 32 levels in a row in coop
Osiris Osiris
Beat the 64 normal levels in one sitting, alone, while in coop-mode (other player must not move or help)