This Starry Midnight We Make Achievement List

Pocketful of Stars Pocketful of Stars
Made 30 types of stars.
Cabinetful of Stars Cabinetful of Stars
Made 80 types of stars.
The Jewel Box The Jewel Box
Made 130 types of stars.
Student of the Stars Student of the Stars
Made 100 stars.
Part-Time Star-maker Part-Time Star-maker
Made 300 stars.
Provisional Star-maker Provisional Star-maker
Made 700 stars.
Full-Fledged Star-maker Full-Fledged Star-maker
Made 1200 stars.
Professor Starry Moon Professor Starry Moon
Made 2000 stars.
My Saturn My Saturn
Made Saturn.
That's A Lot Of Clicking That’s A Lot Of Clicking
Made a Cluster Union.
A Rain of Wishes A Rain of Wishes
Made a Meteor Shower.
President of the Alliance President of the Alliance
Made a Galactic Alliance.
Repeat Customer Repeat Customer
Viewed all Yi Xinghua scenes.
Hit The Streets Hit The Streets
Viewed all Nagare Toshika scenes.
Boy's Life Boy’s Life
Viewed all Sorata Aetama scenes.
The Old Man's Absolution The Old Man’s Absolution
Viewed all Ingetsu Mashiba scenes.
Star Dreamer Star Dreamer
Reached the ending.
Holy Star Child Holy Star Child
Reached the true ending.
The Starry Night The Starry Night
Completed the Catalogue.
Star Master Star Master
Absorbed an enormous amount of stars with the Black Hole.