There Was a Caveman Achievement List

Caves Caves
Complete the caves
Forest Forest
Complete the forest
Underwater Underwater
Complete the underwater area
Afterlife Afterlife
Complete the afterlife
Snow Plains Snow Plains
Complete the snow plains
Guts Guts
Complete the guts
Death Novice Death Novice
Die 10 times.
Death Apprentice Death Apprentice
Die 100 times.
Death Master Death Master
Die 250 times.
Death Expert Death Expert
Die 500 times!
I hate turtles! I hate turtles!
Slay 100 turtles.
Cave Master Cave Master
Complete caves without dying.
Forest Master Forest Master
Complete forest without dying.
Underwater Master Underwater Master
Complete underwater without dying.
Afterlife Master Afterlife Master
Complete afterlife without dying.
Snow Plains Master Snow Plains Master
Complete snow plains without dying.
Gut Master! Gut Master!
Complete guts without dying!
Skull Collector Skull Collector
Have 100 skulls.
Win game! Win game!
You found your love!
Got over her! Got over her!
I quickly forget..