There Came an Echo Achievement List

Fire at Wil Fire at Wil
Don’t be a dick.
War Broom War Broom
Sweep all twelve waves of the War Room.
The Secret Unveiled The Secret Unveiled
You didn’t see that coming.
Took the Red Pill Took the Red Pill
Guide Corrin out of Ignite Defense.
Always fly Burbank.
Training Fray Training Fray
The kid gloves are off.
The Fire Rekindled The Fire Rekindled
She’s back.
Sequence Break Sequence Break
Removed from the course of things.
SCP-41594 SCP-41594
Secure. Contain. Protect.
Supercharged Supercharged
Damage four enemies at once with the Charge Gun.
Sniper Stun Sniper Stun
Never let a sniper in cover get a shot off.
Perfect Override Perfect Override
Never allow the countdown to reach zero in Farrick’s base.
The Invincible Turret The Invincible Turret
Escape from the weapon cache with at least one turret at perfect health.
Pistols In Pistols In
Complete a mission without switching weapons with any soldier.
Markiplier Markiplier
Queue up and execute five simultaneous commands.