The Wonderful End of the World Achievement List

Wonderful Demi-Six Wonderful Demi-Six
Devour half the world by finishing 6 of the 12 levels.
Wonderful 500 Wonderful 500
Grab 500 or more objects.
Wonderful Bronto Wonderful Bronto
Steal the brontosaurus in Bumble Burbs.
Wonderful 2,500 Wonderful 2,500
Grab 2,500 or more objects.
Wonderful Grandmaster Wonderful Grandmaster
Obtain 12 A+ grades.
Wonderful Librarian Wonderful Librarian
Steal the Orangutan in the Bibliodiscotheque.
Wonderful 10,000 Wonderful 10,000
Grab a massive 10,000 or more objects.
Wonderful Ship Shape Wonderful Ship Shape
Steal a clipper ship in Rice Cake Parade.
Wonderful Megalopolis Wonderful Megalopolis
Complete the Megalopolis level.
Wonderful Donut Wonderful Donut
Steal a donut in the Bibliodiscotheque.
Wonderful Big Bladder Wonderful Big Bladder
Explicitly reset the game, then complete the entire thing in one sitting.