The Weaponographist Achievement List

T-Rex Wrecker T-Rex Wrecker
Dispatch a Terrible Lizard from the past. (Future?)
Got No Strings Got No Strings
Destroy an angry marionette before it self-actualizes.
Chillax, Y0 Chillax, Y0
Crush an ice wizard who was really only looking for a friend.
Murdercutioner... Murdered. Murdercutioner… Murdered.
Topple a seven story murderer.
A Winner Is Me A Winner Is Me
Banish the menace behind the dungeon.
C-C-Combo Not-Breaker C-C-Combo Not-Breaker
Attain a 100 kill combo.
Combination... Guy Combination… Guy
Rack up 200 kills in a single combo.
The Wombo Combo The Wombo Combo
Massacre 300 demons in a single combo.
He's Heating Up... He’s Heating Up…
Attain Exp Level 5.
He's on Fire! He’s on Fire!
Get to Exp Level 8.
As a Horse As a Horse
Collect two Health Runes in the same playthrough.
Its Name is Charlie Its Name is Charlie
Attain your first checkpoint.
Reasonable Power Reasonable Power
Raise one weapon to its current level cap.
Overwhelming Force Overwhelming Force
Raise one weapon to its absolute peak.
World Warrior World Warrior
Improve your leaderboard time for any level.
It's... Sticky. It’s… Sticky.
Collect 10,000 Goop at one time.
It's in my Raccoon Wounds... It’s in my Raccoon Wounds…
Collect 100,000 Goop at one time.
Hardcore... Ish Hardcore… Ish
Beat one Depth on Hardcore.
Hardest Core Hardest Core
Beat all Depths on Hardcore.
Page Collector Page Collector
Unlock one jinx by playing Survival.
Spellbook Assembler Spellbook Assembler
Unlock three jinxes by playing Survival.
Grimoire Grinder Grimoire Grinder
Unlock all jinxes by playing Survival.
Survivalist Survivalist
Reach and clear Room 10 on Survival Mode.
The Survivalator The Survivalator
Reach and clear Room 30 on Survival Mode.