The Town of Light Achievement List

Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Unlock Chapter 5
Chapter 6a Chapter 6a
Unlock Chapter 6a
Chapter 6b Chapter 6b
Unlock Chapter 6b
Chapter 12c Chapter 12c
Unlock Chapter 12c
Chapter 12a Chapter 12a
Unlock Chapter 12a
Chapter 12b Chapter 12b
Unlock Chapter 12b
Chapter 12d Chapter 12d
Unlock Chapter 12d
Final chapter Final chapter
Unlock Final chapter
Vegetable garden Vegetable garden
They used to work in the garden
The graveyard The graveyard
Finally, a place to rest
The little lake The little lake
Someone is freshen
The vineyard The vineyard
Taste of Tuscany wine
The greenhouse The greenhouse
Life thrives there
The Cellar The Cellar
A secret place under the massive wall
The scaffolding The scaffolding
They try to hold the pieces together
Oreste Bachecco Oreste Bachecco
He still has a name
Child Drawing Child Drawing
Find all the drawings
And what was she called? And what was she called?
You know the truth