The Tower Of Elements Achievement List

Amazing! Amazing!
Got 500 Points
Powerful! Powerful!
Got 800 Points
Last Arcane Last Arcane
Got 1000 Points
Combo Apprentice Combo Apprentice
Made 100 Combo
Combo Master Combo Master
Made 200 Combo
Trust me... Trust me…
Upgraded the Tower 10 times
...i'm an engineer …i’m an engineer
Upgraded the Tower 20 times
It's done It’s done
Upgraded the Tower to maximal level
Mana Lake Mana Lake
Collected 4000 Mana Point in Total
Mana World Mana World
Collected 20000 Mana Point in Total
Mana Void Mana Void
Collected 45000 Mana Point in Total
Split personality Split personality
Unlocked 1 new Mage
I am who I am I am who I am
Unlocked 4 Mages
All together All together
Unlocked all available Mages
Master of Elements Master of Elements
Unlocked all other achievements