The Tiny Tale 2 Achievement List

Let's start! Let’s start!
Start the game
Journey begins Journey begins
Complete one level
To the end To the end
Complete all levels
Challenge accepted! Challenge accepted!
Beat one developers’ time
Unhuman Unhuman
Beat all developers’ times
Fashion model Fashion model
Try all gears in salon
Getting used to it Getting used to it
Assign 300 commands
You will do as I say You will do as I say
Assign 3 000 commands
Commander Commander
Assign 10 000 commands
Walker Walker
Overall distance gremlins walked is over 500 km
Hidden Achievement
Restless walker Restless walker
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Blitz level Blitz level
Finish a level under 3:30
Booooring! Booooring!
Play a level for at least 20 minutes
It must have been love... It must have been love…
Start the game 50 times