The Tale of Doris and the Dragon – Episode 1 Achievement List

A New Adventure A New Adventure
Start a new game.
Man in the Shadows Man in the Shadows
Watch the first Greg cutscene.
Home Run Home Run
Throw the rock at the flowers.
Romantic Gesture Romantic Gesture
Give all five flowers to the stone man.
Fall of Doom Fall of Doom
Push the Demon off of the cliff.
Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast
Get eaten by the Demon.
He Hates Classical He Hates Classical
Make the Demon vomit.
Coin of Life Coin of Life
Find the coin.
Fur Elise Fur Elise
Examine the music box.
Best Friends Best Friends
Call Norb on the TSD and ask for friendly conversation.
Crossing the River Crossing the River
Finish the game.