The Spatials Achievement List

Super Defender Super Defender
Killed 100 enemies
Ultra Defender Ultra Defender
Killed 1000 enemies
Uber Defender Uber Defender
Killed 10000 enemies
One Mean BBQ One Mean BBQ
Defeated the big bad end boss and saved the galaxy
Boss Fighter Boss Fighter
Killed a boss of normal quality for the first time
Boss Champion Boss Champion
Killed a boss of hard quality for the first time
Boss Legend Boss Legend
Killed a boss of WTF quality for the first time
Out Of Your League Out Of Your League
Had 1000 officers go into stasis
Objectivist Objectivist
Built 1000 objects
Tile Layer Tile Layer
Built 10000 floor tiles
First Contact First Contact
Landed on a planet for the first time
Veni, Vidi, Vici Veni, Vidi, Vici
Completed a mission for the first time
Plunderer Plunderer
Completed 10 bounties
Pillager Pillager
Completed 100 bounties
Raider Raider
Completed 1000 bounties
Conqueror Conqueror
Conquered 100 planets
Contractor Contractor
Completed your first contract
Busy Contractor Busy Contractor
Completed 10 contracts
Hustling Contractor Hustling Contractor
Completed 100 contracts
Assiduous Contractor Assiduous Contractor
Completed 1000 contracts
We Can Do This We Can Do This
Failed 100 contracts
Collector Collector
Found 10 collectible objects
Master Of Industry Master Of Industry
Manufactured 100 products
Champion Of Industry Champion Of Industry
Manufactured 1000 products
Hero Of Industry Hero Of Industry
Manufactured 10000 products
Greedy Greedy
Made 100000 credits
Oligarch Oligarch
Made 1000000 credits
Crassus Crassus
Made 10000000 credits
Gambler Gambler
Recycled 1000 items
First Of Many First Of Many
Your first visitor has landed in the station
Popular Popular
Visited by 1000 visitors
Famous Famous
Visited by 10000 visitors
The Place To Be The Place To Be
Visited by 100000 visitors
Crusantian Connection Crusantian Connection
Crusantians will now visit the station
Lemurian Liking Lemurian Liking
Lemurians will now visit the station
Nogi Noticed Nogi Noticed
Nogi will now visit the station
Blorg Based Blorg Based
Blorg will now visit the station
Employer Employer
Hired an officer for the first time
Hiring Spree Hiring Spree
Hired 100 officers
Experienced Officer Experienced Officer
Leveled one officer to level 10
Master Officer Master Officer
Leveled one officer to level 20
Zen Officer Zen Officer
Leveled one officer to level 30
Best Place To Work Best Place To Work
100 officers resigned
Let's Get Started Let’s Get Started
Unlocked your first tech node
Enlightened Enlightened
Unlocked the entire tech tree
Legend Of Industry Legend Of Industry
Manufactured 100000 products
God Of Industry God Of Industry
Manufactured 1000000 products
Known Known
Visited by 100 visitors