The Sentient Achievement List

Ready For Launch Ready For Launch
Made a ship ready to conquer the stars.
One Giant Leap One Giant Leap
Successfully cleared a sector.
Better Safe Than Sorry Better Safe Than Sorry
Returned back to Earth after a successful cleared sector.
That Was Fast That Was Fast
Spent a research point to improve the ship.
Risky Business Risky Business
Cleared 5 sectors before returning to earth.
Victory Victory
Won a battle against an enemy ship.
A New Weapon A New Weapon
Unlocked the ability to use power armor.
Earth's Toughest Earth’s Toughest
Unlocked the training necessary to recruit Earth’s elite pilots to man the power armor suits.
I Need A Bigger Ship I Need A Bigger Ship
Unlocked the battleship.
Space Parity Space Parity
Unlocked the battlecruiser.
Hidden Achievement
That Deserves A Medal That Deserves A Medal
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Getting Stronger Getting Stronger
A crew member gained enough experience to level up.
ReBoot! ReBoot!
Sent your consciousness back to Earth without the ship.
Skeleton Crew Skeleton Crew
Complete a sector with all current crew members dead.
Epic Handshake Epic Handshake
Clear a sector with just one mechanic and one flight crew member.
Gone But Not Forgotten Gone But Not Forgotten
Have a current crew member die while on the ship.