The Seeker Achievement List

Explorer! Explorer!
Pass the tutorial
Die 100 times
Galaxy Seeker Galaxy Seeker
Travel over 1000
Disabler Disabler
Disable over 50 enemies
Collector Collector
Collect over 500
Customizer Customizer
Spend over 500 points in the shop
Game Braker Game Braker
Good job… You broke the frikin game
Mehanic Mehanic
Get all the weapons
Hacker Hacker
Disable over 150 alarms
Noob Veteran Noob Veteran
Die 5 times on the same map
Technician Technician
Hack 20 terminals
Technician Expert Technician Expert
Hack over 50 terminals
Vallar Expert Vallar Expert
Complete Vallar without being damaged and triggering alarms
Departure Expert Departure Expert
Complete Departure without being damaged and triggering alarm
Mighty Expert Mighty Expert
Complete Mighty without being damaged and triggering alarm
Useless... Useless…
You just wasted 4 WATS of energy doing nothing…
Karma! Karma!
You’ve healed a broken heart to get his revenge!
You have opened over 100 tunnels!
Moon explorer certification!  Moon explorer certification!
You’ve explored a moon, and made a big dent in it! Congrats!