The Secret Order 3: Ancient Times Achievement List

Helping Paw Helping Paw
Adopt the baby griffin!
Traveler Traveler
Begin your journey.
Curious Traveler Curious Traveler
Reach the shores of ancient city.
Famous Traveler Famous Traveler
Act against all odds.
Experienced Traveler Experienced Traveler
Take a royal flight.
Skilled Traveler Skilled Traveler
Seek out the Land of Fire.
Master Traveler Master Traveler
Seek out the Land of Ice.
Amazing Seeker Amazing Seeker
Finish a Hidden Object Scene in 90 seconds without any hints.
Super Eyes Super Eyes
Finish four Hidden Object Scenes without using a hint.
Bright Mind Bright Mind
Finish one mini-game without skipping.
Great Mind Great Mind
Finish eight mini-games without skipping.
The Great Journey The Great Journey
Complete the Game!
True Caretaker True Caretaker
Help the innocent in need.
Great Healer Great Healer
Gain support from the elves.
Real Rebuilder Real Rebuilder
Gain support from the fairies.
Friend of Kings Friend of Kings
Gain support from the dwarves.
Excellent Guardian Excellent Guardian
Bring back peace to Forest of Hope.
Corporal of the Stones Corporal of the Stones
Collect the Odin rune.
Sergeant of the Stones Sergeant of the Stones
Collect the Heimdal rune.
Lieutenant of the Stones Lieutenant of the Stones
Collect the Loki rune.
Captain of the Stones Captain of the Stones
Collect the Aegir rune.
Colonel of Stones Colonel of Stones
Collect the Freya rune.
General of Stones General of Stones
Collect the Thor rune.
Dragon Collector Dragon Collector
Collect all of the golden dragons!
Griffin Collector Griffin Collector
Collect all of the amethyst griffins!
Unicorn Collector Unicorn Collector
Collect all of the turquoise unicorns!