The Secret Order 2. Masked Intent Achievement List

Eagle eye Eagle eye
Finish a Hidden Object scene in under one minute.
Quick finger Quick finger
Find three hidden items in three seconds.
Independent Independent
Finish a hidden object scene without a hint.
Detective Detective
Finish half of the hidden objects scenes without a hint.
Investigator Investigator
Finish all of the hidden object scenes without a hint.
Brainiac Brainiac
Finish a puzzle in under a minute.
Lucky? Lucky?
Finish a puzzle without skipping.
Professor Professor
Finish half of the puzzles without skipping.
Omnibus Omnibus
Finish all of the puzzles without skipping.
The Sword The Sword
Unlock the secret entrance to the museum.
Royal Griffin Royal Griffin
Find the legendary ship of the Order of the Griffin.
Back to the past Back to the past
Travel back in time.
Alchemy Alchemy
Brew up a healing potion.
5 Faces Medallion 5 Faces Medallion
Complete the 5 Faces Medallion.
Saviour Saviour
Break out the prisoner.
Champion Champion
Open the Gate of Champions.
King of Ice King of Ice
Defeat the King of Ice.
Queen of Fire Queen of Fire
Defeat the Queen of Fire.
Open Sesame Open Sesame
Open the gates of the temple.
Abyss Abyss
Dive into the ocean deep.
Dragon master Dragon master
Use the Dragon Torch to subdue the dragon.
Surprise! Surprise!
Arrive at the HQ of the Order of the Griffin.
Cannoneer Cannoneer
Explore the secret of the old cannon.
Foiled! Foiled!
Stop the ritual.