The Sea Eternal Achievement List

Insider Information Insider Information
Use your job to get closer to the truth.
Annoyingly Curious Annoyingly Curious
Annoy everyone with your curiosity.
Eye for a Giant Eye Eye for a Giant Eye
You take down as many squid as you can.
Protect Your Own Protect Your Own
The immortals need the most help, clearly.
Please Your Patrons Please Your Patrons
This is what you’re here to do.
In Training In Training
Don’t overextend yourself.
Dilettante Dilettante
You move around where you’re needed.
Take No Chances Take No Chances
You do what it takes to keep everyone safe.
Escape While You Can Escape While You Can
No shame in a wise retreat.
Work With the System Work With the System
Bring your troubles to the council.
Foodie Foodie
Take the time to enjoy yourself.
Wholesome Fun Wholesome Fun
Make some new friends.
So, This Is Mortality So, This Is Mortality
Become mortal.
All in the Mind All in the Mind
Maybe this mortality isn’t so bad?
Best of Both Worlds Best of Both Worlds
Who says you can’t have it all?
Mistakes Were Made Mistakes Were Made
It’s never too late to apologize.
An End to Loneliness An End to Loneliness
Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.
True Friends True Friends
There’s nothing more beautiful than a wonderful friendship.
True Love True Love
A good relationship is based on respect, patience, and kindness.
Dedicated Dedicated
You make up for your imperfect past.
The Prodigal Human The Prodigal Human
The whales’ gift is always an option, especially when things look their worst.
Enjoy the Magic Enjoy the Magic
Sometimes, magic can get you what you want.
You Don't Need Magic You Don’t Need Magic
You don’t really need magic to get what you want.
Redeem Cinza Redeem Cinza
Cinza just needs a chance to prove herself.
The Model Merperson The Model Merperson
It’s best not to get involved in other people’s problems.
Human Confidant Human Confidant
Humans seem to trust you.
Full Circle, Broken Orb Full Circle, Broken Orb
This started with the Orb. It ends with the Orb.
A Taste of Land A Taste of Land
Walk with the humans.
Sort of Like Land Sort of Like Land
Get up into a ballast.
Married to the Land Married to the Land
Get up onto the real land.
Honorary Landlubber Honorary Landlubber
Get out of the water every time you can.
Tails Every Time Tails Every Time
Never get out of the water.
Tattletale Tattletale
You have so much to tell Ichtare.
A Fair Trade A Fair Trade
Become an Everwarden.