The Rivers of Alice – Extended Version Achievement List

Great ear for music! Great ear for music!
Puzzle superadoCompleted melody flowers
Weaver spider Weaver spider
Defeat Arachne on the loom
Create your own road Create your own road
Get out of the maze
Reflections and Lies Reflections and Lies
Find the truth in the mirrors
A band of monkeys A band of monkeys
Solve the puzzle of the yellow brick
Vultures in the watchtower Vultures in the watchtower
Make your way through the vultures
Do not look down! Do not look down!
Cross balancing to the giant.
Love Giant Love Giant
Sort the stone wheels
Message in morse Message in morse
Complete the challenge of the stars
It works! It works!
Fix the electrical panel
Bad smoke Bad smoke
Diverts the steam store
has already been a year? has already been a year?
Turn on the light in the room
I quit my job! I quit my job!
Make the right call
Retro gamer Retro gamer
Play the game that’s on the computer
Fever of Saturday Night Fever of Saturday Night
Funky dance inside the Atalaya
The doors of desire The doors of desire
Open the lock
Light sleep Light sleep
Beat the game once
Deep dream Deep dream
Finish the game for the second time
You already know how to play You already know how to play
Finish the tutorial
I have all the pieces! I have all the pieces!
Capture the four dragonflies