The Quest Achievement List

Convicted Criminal Convicted Criminal
Get thrown into jail
Fighter Fighter
Perform 100 melee attacks
Warrior Warrior
Perform 500 melee attacks
Warlord Warlord
Perform 2000 melee attacks
Novice Archer Novice Archer
Perform 100 ranged attacks
Expert Archer Expert Archer
Perform 500 ranged attacks
Master Archer Master Archer
Perform 2000 ranged attacks
Conjurer Conjurer
Cast 50 spells
Wizard Wizard
Cast 250 spells
Archmage Archmage
Cast 1000 spells
Apprentice Alchemist Apprentice Alchemist
Mix 25 potions
Journeyman Alchemist Journeyman Alchemist
Mix 100 potions
Expert Alchemist Expert Alchemist
Mix 250 potions
Battle-Hardened Battle-Hardened
Kill 25 monsters
Veteran Veteran
Kill 100 monsters
Destroyer of Monsters Destroyer of Monsters
Kill 250 monsters
Tinkerer Tinkerer
Repair 100 items
Bookworm Bookworm
Read 12 non-magical books
Muscle-Bound Muscle-Bound
Attain 40 base Strength
Acrobat Acrobat
Attain 40 base Dexterity
Tough As Nails Tough As Nails
Attain 40 base Endurance
Genius Genius
Attain 40 base Intelligence
Charmer Charmer
Attain 40 base Personality
Saint Saint
Attain maximum positive fame
Demonic Demonic
Attain maximum negative fame
Fashionable Fashionable
Attain the outfit rank ‘Fashionable’
Beginning Adventurer Beginning Adventurer
Complete 10 quests
Adventurer Adventurer
Complete 25 quests
Agent Agent
Complete 45 quests
Hero of Freymore Hero of Freymore
Reach the good ending
Ruler of All Worlds Ruler of All Worlds
Reach the evil ending
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find the treasure island
Archeologist Archeologist
Find the Sunken Monastery
Spelunker Spelunker
Find the Abandoned Mine
Jailbreak Jailbreak
Break out of jail
Card Champion Card Champion
Win 100 card games
Savior of Matras Savior of Matras
Complete Matras infection quest
Detective of Vastares Detective of Vastares
Complete Nobleman’s inheritance quest
Thieves Guild Member Thieves Guild Member
Complete Join the Thieves’ guild quest
Hammer of Witches Hammer of Witches
Complete Kill the Witch Queen quest
Master Thief Master Thief
Pickpocket successfully 50 times
Well Traveled Well Traveled
Travel 20000 tiles
Warlock Warlock
Learn all Undead spells
Life Stealer Life Stealer
Drain 1000 health by using spells
Battlemage Battlemage
Learn all Attack Magic spells
Kingslayer Kingslayer
Kill the Cyclops King
Rich Rich
Amass 100000 gold
Sea Dog Sea Dog
Travel with the Sea Captain in every port
Worldly Worldly
Enjoy the services of Madame Rosalia’s House of Fleshy Delights
Hidden Achievement
Get an Autograph Get an Autograph
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Firebird Hunter Firebird Hunter
Kill 10 Firebirds
Healer Healer
Complete Bring Eckinish to Dagma quest
Idolater Idolater
Find a use for all Idols on Thule and Eldfell
Beast Killer Beast Killer
Kill The Beast
Prospector Prospector
Find the lost spring
Quarantine Breaker Quarantine Breaker
Complete Bribe the sea captain Moruu quest
Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter
Kill 20 Flesh Eaters
Patriot Patriot
Reach the good ending of Islands of Ice and Fire
Opportunist Opportunist
Reach the evil ending of Islands of Ice and Fire
Hidden Achievement
Autograph Collector Autograph Collector
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?