The Princess’ Heart Achievement List

A Helping Hand A Helping Hand
Complete one side-quest.
A Noble Heart A Noble Heart
Complete five side-quests.
Princess of the People Princess of the People
Complete ten side-quests.
A Splendid Spirit! A Splendid Spirit!
Get Splendora to join your party.
Rich Girl Rich Girl
Acquire 5000 Gold.
Queen Queen
Acquire 200,000 Gold.
Sincere of Heart Sincere of Heart
Defeat Yatmal-Sadag, Demon of Deceit.
Loving Oneself Loving Oneself
Defeat Tanhal-Arag, Demon of Loneliness.
Forever Faithful Forever Faithful
Defeat Xainal-Tarag, Demon of Apostasy.
With Kindness With Kindness
Defeat Siddal-Vicag, Demon of Cruelty.
Heart of Love Heart of Love
Defeat Izdul-Kalag, Demon of Desire.
Journey Begins Journey Begins
Play one New Game for 1 hour.
The Story Unravels The Story Unravels
Play one New Game for 10 hours.
The Deepest Heart The Deepest Heart
Play one New Game for 15 hours.
The Final Letter The Final Letter
Finish the game!