The Preposterous Awesomeness of Everything Achievement List

Anarchy! Anarchy!
Reach Development Stage: ANARCHY
Enlightenment Enlightenment
Seek a greater understanding of the world around you
Find a Figurehead Find a Figurehead
Acquire the special item: ANTHONY
Death by Old Age Death by Old Age
Stay out of trouble until things draw to a natural (if slightly boring) conclusion
Death by Coup d'Etat Death by Coup d’Etat
Become so cool and powerful that your subjects/slaves are forced to rebel
Democracy! Democracy!
Reach Development Stage: DEMOCRACY
V.I.P.! V.I.P.!
Acquire a V.I.P. pass
Release the Kraken! Release the Kraken!
Free the Dangerous Lunatic.
Death by Jumping Death by Jumping
Utilise ‘The Luzhin Defence’ :,(
Death by Stuffed-Crust Death by Stuffed-Crust
Allow yourself to be led astray by the wonders of modern technology
Gameception Gameception
Build a game inside a game inside a game…
Become Project Manager Become Project Manager
Be democratically elected into the role of PM for the Rocket Project
Dictatorship! Dictatorship!
Reach Development Stage: DICTATORSHIP
Death by Genocide/Sunburn Death by Genocide/Sunburn
Allow Drake to successfully execute ‘The Plan’
Save the Day Save the Day
Prevent Drake from successfully executing ‘The Plan’
The Moon! The Moon!
Reach The Moon. See some craters
Mars! Mars!
Reach Mars. See some rocks
Jupiter! Jupiter!
Reach Jupiter. See some gasses
Death by Vacuum Death by Vacuum
Perish in the empty blackness of space
Deja Vu Deja Vu
Initiate a 4th-wall-breaking conversation with Drake