The Park Achievement List

A guide has not been submitted for this list, but a guide has been submitted for the Playstation trophy list. View The Park Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Park Welcome to the Park
Enter the Park.
The shakes The shakes
Take a ride on the bumper cars.
Spin, Spin, Sugar Spin, Spin, Sugar
Find the missing Ferris wheel cart.
Ups and downs Ups and downs
Take a rollercoaster ride.
House of Horrors House of Horrors
Enter the House of Horrors.
Dreamlike state Dreamlike state
Find your fate in the deepest ends of the Park.
Swans, gingerbread and chocolate Swans, gingerbread and chocolate
Take a ride through the Tunnel of Tales.
Shocking revelations Shocking revelations
Learn about shock therapy.
Killer Instinct Killer Instinct
Learn about Chad.
The Mist The Mist
Leave the Park.
Hope's Light Hope’s Light
Obtain a flashlight.
Family ties Family ties
“Me and Callum.”
Chad Chad
Have a “conversation” with Chad.