The Order of the Thorne – The King’s Challenge Achievement List

He is Gnomor' He is Gnomor’
The girls, Snow and Red, tried to save the gnome but alas, they failed.
High Priest High Priest
The high priest hightailed it out of the Faerie Realm.
A Knight to Remember A Knight to Remember
You’ve discovered Sir Gauen searching the swamp.
Chucked It In Chucked It In
Chucker has given up on his search for the Queen.
Faolan's Story Faolan’s Story
You now know the full story behind Faolan’s defeat of Lord Sinister.
Musical Genius Musical Genius
You’ve learned and played every song on hard mode.
Honors Student Honors Student
You’ve read every memorial stone on the Isle of the Honored.
Perfect Match Perfect Match
You brought Glenda and Ted together. True love.
Paid the Troll Toll Paid the Troll Toll
Always pay off a troll with a treasure chest of gold!
Drops of Juniper Drops of Juniper
You found a way past the angry tree and got yourself some Firienne berries.
Swamped Swamped
You’ve navigated the treacherous swamp and retrieved the pixies harp.
Seered to Perfection Seered to Perfection
The Seer has revealed her secrets to you thanks to your unusual solution.
A Worthy Challenger A Worthy Challenger
You rescued the Queen and cast the spell in the final confrontation.