The Oil Blue Achievement List

A Small Start A Small Start
Booted up the Oil Blue Achievement App
The First Island The First Island
Reclaimed your first island
A Second Adventure A Second Adventure
Reclaimed a second island
Drillin' Drillin’
Reclaimed a third island
Black Gold Black Gold
Reclaimed a fourth island
Oil! Oil!
Reclaimed a fifth island
Pumpjacked Pumpjacked
Reclaimed a sixth island
Keep Going Keep Going
Reclaimed a seventh island
The Big Blue The Big Blue
Reclaimed an eighth island
There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood
Reclaimed a ninth island
In the Black In the Black
Reclaimed a tenth island
No Going Back No Going Back
Reclaimed an eleventh island
The Black Void The Black Void
Reclaimed a twelfth island
Trained and Ready Trained and Ready
Completed the tutorial
UOO Expandable UOO Expandable
Achieved Rank 48
UOO Intern UOO Intern
Achieved Rank 45
UOO Employee UOO Employee
Achieved Rank 42
Employee of the Week Employee of the Week
Achieved Rank 40
UOO Manager UOO Manager
Achieved Rank 36
UOO Advisor UOO Advisor
Achieved Rank 32
UOO Engineer UOO Engineer
Achieved Rank 28
UOO Captain UOO Captain
Achieved Rank 25
UOO Leader UOO Leader
Achieved Rank 22
UOO Senior Advisor UOO Senior Advisor
Achieved Rank 18
UOO District Captain UOO District Captain
Achieved Rank 15
UOO Regional CEO UOO Regional CEO
Achieved Rank 12
Achieved Rank 10
UOO Superstar UOO Superstar
Achieved Rank 9
UOO Legend UOO Legend
Achieved Rank 8
UOO Oil Tycoon UOO Oil Tycoon
Achieved Rank 7
UOO Founder UOO Founder
Achieved Rank 5