The Mystery of a Lost Planet Achievement List

Lord of Elements Lord of Elements
Collect the runes of all elements
Logician Logician
Complete mini-game “Find Correct Password” without using “skip” button
Researcher Researcher
Get out to the surface of the planet
Rescuer Rescuer
Meet the survivor of the spaceship wreck
Engineer Engineer
Repair the onboard computer without using any Hints
Safecracker Safecracker
Open the lock in the ship’s hold without using “skip” button
Fire worker Fire worker
Launch fireworks
Squad Squad
Blow up dynamites
Palaeontologist Palaeontologist
Find the bones without using any Hints
Zoologist Zoologist
Find all insects or sea creatures without using any Hints
Eagle eye Eagle eye
Complete a search without using any Hints
Naturally born detective Naturally born detective
Complete three searches without using any Hints
All-seeing Eye All-seeing Eye
Complete five searches without using any Hints
Space ranger Space ranger
Collect all the achievements