The Minims Achievement List

Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Completed
Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Completed
Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Completed
Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Completed
Household Chores Household Chores
Some household chores
A Love Story A Love Story
Gilly + McGruber
J.S. Bach J.S. Bach
Observation Skills Observation Skills
Look for items
Coffee Time Coffee Time
It’s coffee time
Personal Rain Personal Rain
A kind of personal rain
Hunger Hunger
Foliage’s hunger
Unlocking Unlocking
Unlock the trapdoor
Calming Down Calming Down
Calm down
Score of Trust Score of Trust
Score of Trust found
Score of Playtime Score of Playtime
Score of Playtime
Score of Sadness Score of Sadness
Score of Sadness found
The Sound of the Reed The Sound of the Reed
Reed instrument
Recovering Energy Recovering Energy
Energy recovered
Open Sesame Open Sesame
Unreachable obstacle
The Dump The Dump
A strange place
Custom Made Vehicle Custom Made Vehicle
Riding the capsule
A Strange Meeting A Strange Meeting
Meeting with your destiny
One Huge Bubble One Huge Bubble
A bubble from bubbles
Bridging Bridging
Bridging the empty
Hunger 2 Hunger 2
Hunger for foliage
Transition Transition
A magical transition
Dairying Dairying
Producing cheese
Enforce Order Enforce Order
Catch the troublemaker
Red Passage Red Passage
Red is for anger
The Sound of Welcome The Sound of Welcome
Welcoming sound
Fighting the Cold Fighting the Cold
Warming Mii
Frozen Passage Frozen Passage
Hot vs Cold
Trust Trust
Trust yourself
Pace Down Pulses Pace Down Pulses
Volcano has been frozen
Green Stone Green Stone
Green stone charged
Orange Stone Orange Stone
Orange stone charged
Cyan Stone Cyan Stone
Cyan stone charged
Talk to You... Mii Talk to You… Mii
Inner conversation…
Be You... Mii Be You… Mii
Mind palace
Fragmented Life Fragmented Life
Matching the parts of life
Call a Friend Call a Friend
Rescue call