The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare Achievement List

Sinking Feeling Sinking Feeling
Sink in the sands of the Fish Tank
100 Deaths 100 Deaths
Die 100 times
100 Bazooka Kills 100 Bazooka Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Bazooka
100 Flamethrower Kills 100 Flamethrower Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Flamethrower
100 Grenade Kills 100 Grenade Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Grenade
100 Assault Rifle Kills 100 Assault Rifle Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Assault Rifle
100 Shotgun Kills 100 Shotgun Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Shotgun
100 Sniper Rifle Kills 100 Sniper Rifle Kills
Kill 100 enemies with the Sniper Rifle
100 Kills 100 Kills
Kill 100 enemies
Burn Baby Burn Burn Baby Burn
Deal 10,000 damage to the dinosaur iceblocks in Deep Freeze
You Can't Touch This You Can’t Touch This
Make it all the way to the cup in Kitchen Run without taking any damage
100 Flag Captures 100 Flag Captures
Capture the enemy team’s flag 100 times
Davey Jones' Locker Davey Jones’ Locker
Drown in Bathtub Bash 10 times
First Play of the Game First Play of the Game
Play your first round
I'm Gonna Ride It I’m Gonna Ride It
Land on the shark in Fishtank Frenzy
Jump Start Jump Start
Hurdle 5 RC cars without getting hit on Toybox Assault
Make Some Music Make Some Music
Run up or down every xylophone in Toybox Assault without dying
Slow Poke Slow Poke
Don’t sprint for an entire game
20 Plays 20 Plays
Play 20 rounds
The Green Team The Green Team
Play on the Green team 100 times
The Tan Team The Tan Team
Play on the Tan team 100 times
Survivor Survivor
Drop below 20 health and regenerate 5 times without dying
Roadkill Roadkill
Get hit by the RC cars on Toybox Assault 20 times
Untouchable Untouchable
Capture an enemy flag and bring it back to your base without taking any damage in Fishtank Frenzy