The Mahjong Huntress Achievement List

Werewolf Tooth Werewolf Tooth
Get Combo of 20
Fairy Dust Fairy Dust
Get Combo of at least Five 10 times in one game
Powdered Unicorn Horn Powdered Unicorn Horn
Collect 10 pairs in a sinlge Paranormal Mode
Dried Harpy Ears Dried Harpy Ears
Collect 5000 tiles
Troll Blood Troll Blood
Collect 200 Artefact tiles
Jar Of Beholder Eyes Jar Of Beholder Eyes
Win 8 games in a row
Witch Hat Witch Hat
Collect 10 tiles using the Medalion in one game
Wyvern Bezoar Wyvern Bezoar
Collect 30 Bonus Objective Stars
Hydra Bile Hydra Bile
Collect 60 Bonus Objective Stars
Unremarkable Thimble Unremarkable Thimble
Collect 30 Score Stars
Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
Collect 60 Score Stars
Grand Spider Silk Grand Spider Silk
Collect 180 Stars
Jabberwocky Spike Jabberwocky Spike
Find all pages from Charles Diary
Wendigo Fur Wendigo Fur
Use reshufleling spell 3 times in one game
Satyr Antler Satyr Antler
Compleate a Board in under 30 sec
Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
Collect 6 Dragon Tiles in a row