The Logomancer Achievement List

The Full Picture The Full Picture
Completed all of the quests in the Logomancer.
The Modest Ending The Modest Ending
Finalized the contract and set off to New Cadence.
The Forgetful Ending The Forgetful Ending
Returned to New Cadence with a sense of anxiety.
The Journey Back Home The Journey Back Home
Witnessed the full expression of impossible memories.
The Origami Killers The Origami Killers
Successfully researched a monochromatic foe.
The Soldier's Trust The Soldier’s Trust
Earned the trust of a veteran through self-control.
The Best Patron The Best Patron
Patronized all of the wandering merchants.
The Tuxedo The Tuxedo
Acquired a deep discount on a stylish suit.
The Nostalgic Rebuke The Nostalgic Rebuke
Escaped the tower in a simple form.
The Prodigal Pocketwatch The Prodigal Pocketwatch
Reunited a timepiece with its grateful owner without asking for compensation.
The Darkness Watches The Darkness Watches
Encountered a hostile creature of Ash and darkness.
The Final Resting Place The Final Resting Place
Discovered the prison of a strong enemy.
The Rhetorical Reward The Rhetorical Reward
Received a sentimental token from the woman in the well.
The Composer's History The Composer’s History
Convinced a mysterious benefactor to share personal information.