The Living Dungeon Achievement List

Enough Hand Holding Enough Hand Holding
Beat Level 7
Sneaky Lizard Face Sneaky Lizard Face
Beat Level 19
Wretchedly Violent Wretchedly Violent
Watch 200 wretched die
A Song of Death and Death A Song of Death and Death
Have 20 shadows, and 20 sentinels destroyed
Heroic Sacrifice Heroic Sacrifice
Finish the game
Happy Ending Happy Ending
Finish the game with all the bonus objectives
Keeping it Canon Keeping it Canon
Complete 8 bonus objectives.
Not Dead on Arrival Not Dead on Arrival
Manage to not screw up the first level.
Just Happy to Take Part Just Happy to Take Part
Complete a multiplayer game.
Pure Evil Pure Evil
Force a draw or sudden death as a human DM, with at least 1 A.I. opponent.
I Hate That Colour I Hate That Colour
Kill two members of the same team on your turn.
Into Darkness. Literally Into Darkness. Literally
Kill someone indirectly with a shadow.
Live and Let Die Live and Let Die
Stay alive for the duration of a multiplayer game with at least 3 A.I. opponents.
Because Your Face Because Your Face
Assasinate a player that isn’t your target in a game with at least 2 A.I. opponents.
Epic Bias Epic Bias
Win a multiplayer game on the DM’s turn.
Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Badass Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Badass
Win a multiplayer game with the DM biased against you and at least 2 A.I. opponents.
Theif, Liar, Cheat, Proud Theif, Liar, Cheat, Proud
Win a game without directly killing anyone with at least 3 A.I. opponents.
Lots of Dead Friends Lots of Dead Friends
Win an assassination game with 6 or more players.
Violence Is The Answer Violence Is The Answer
Cause the death of two other players on your turn.