The Last Door – Collector’s Edition Achievement List

The Whole Story The Whole Story
Read all letters, notes and diaries in the game.
The Other Story The Other Story
Complete all minisodes.
Explorer of the Occult Explorer of the Occult
Discover your first secret.
Master of the Occult Master of the Occult
Discover all secrets in the game.
Better Served Silent Better Served Silent
End the poor bird’s suffering.
Don’t Leave me Hanging Don’t Leave me Hanging
Complete the First Episode.
The Departed The Departed
Find something left behind.
Merciful Merciful
Ease the pain of a dying man.
A Secret from the Past A Secret from the Past
Complete the Second Episode.
The Truth Behind the Curtain The Truth Behind the Curtain
Complete the Third Episode.
Full Deck Full Deck
Uncover all five tarot cards.
The Short Path The Short Path
Navigate through the fog like a pro.
The Veil The Veil
Complete the Fourth Episode.
Alchemist Alchemist
Become an expert developer.
Art Restoration Art Restoration
Reveal the picture beneath.
The Angels Protect this House The Angels Protect this House
Fail to escape your destiny.