The Hero Project: Redemption Season Achievement List

Physical Prowess Physical Prowess
Consistently Use Physical Powers
Intangibly Imbued Intangibly Imbued
Consistently Use Intangible Powers
Leaderboard Leader Leaderboard Leader
Semi-Final Leaderboard High
Leaderboard Lagger Leaderboard Lagger
Semi-Final Leaderboard Middle
The Final Selection Fourteen The Final Selection Fourteen
Make Final Selection Fourteen
Emerging Advocate Emerging Advocate
Forming Traditional Societal Character
Emerging Striver Emerging Striver
Forming Traditional Personal Character
Emerging Revolutionary Emerging Revolutionary
Forming Radical Societal Character
Emerging Anarchist Emerging Anarchist
Forming Radical Personal Character
Flip The Shift Flip The Shift
Loa Shift Opinion Switch
Loa Lingers Loa Lingers
Loa Shift Opinion Maintain
Leaderboard Champion Leaderboard Champion
Final Selection Outcome One
Leaderboard Challenged Leaderboard Challenged
Final Selection Outcome One
Leaderboard Survivor Leaderboard Survivor
Top Secret: StarSoar Outcome
Leaderboard Loser Leaderboard Loser
Eliminated in Final Selection
StarSoar Sadness StarSoar Sadness
Top Secret
StarSoar Summit StarSoar Summit
Top Secret
The Final Fourteen The Final Fourteen
Make Final Fourteen: Live Finals
Public Person Public Person
3V Reality Public Persona
Private Person Private Person
3V Reality Private Persona
Fight The Power Fight The Power
Balance Fighting and Powers
The Best Defense The Best Defense
Defensive Fighting Master
A Good Offense A Good Offense
Offensive Fighting Master
Leaderboard Highs Leaderboard Highs
Live Mission Leaderboard High Score
Leaderboard Lows Leaderboard Lows
Live Mission Leaderboard Low Score
The Final Thirteen The Final Thirteen
Make Final Thirteen: Survive Leaderboard Elimination
Emerging Public Figure Emerging Public Figure
Prioritize Publicity
Remaining Private Figure Remaining Private Figure
Prioritize Privacy
Transfer of Power Transfer of Power
Thirteenth Place Elimination Outcome A
The Mighty Fallen The Mighty Fallen
Thirteenth Place Elimination Outcome B
Politico Politico
Perfect Voting Maneuver
The Blind Side The Blind Side
Unsuccessful Voting Maneuver
The Final Twelve The Final Twelve
Make Final Twelve: Survive First Vote
World Imperfect World Imperfect
Sometimes Compromise is Necessary
Let's Get Physical Let’s Get Physical
Physical Power Pro
What You Can't See What You Can’t See
Intangible Power Pro
Balancing Act Balancing Act
Master of Balanced Kung Fu Fighting
The Power Within The Power Within
Master of Balanced Power Expertise
Repeat Offender Repeat Offender
Offensive Attacking Pro
In Self Defense In Self Defense
Defensive Maneuvering Pro
Personal Purpose Personal Purpose
Top Secret
Like A Dark Horse Like A Dark Horse
Respected Hero
The Fallen The Fallen
The Fate of a Hero
The Falls The Falls
The Fate of a Hero
The Final Ten The Final Ten
Make Final Ten: Survive The Falls
Embracing the New You Embracing the New You
Image Lesson Learned
Letting Your Walls Down Letting Your Walls Down
Separatist Lesson Learned
Lead By Example Lead By Example
Private Role Model
Making An Impact Making An Impact
Raising Underrepresented Powered Awareness
I Don't Think You're Ready I Don’t Think You’re Ready
Growing Apart from JK
For This Jelly For This Jelly
Growing Closer to JK
Tradition! Tradition!
Aiming to Improve Existing Society
To The Extreme To The Extreme
Aiming to Replace Existing Society
The Advocate The Advocate
Traditional Societal Main Character
The Striver The Striver
Traditional Personal Main Character
The Revolutionary The Revolutionary
Radical Societal Main Character
The Anarchist The Anarchist
Radical Personal Main Character
The First Clue The First Clue
Top Secret
The Second Clue The Second Clue
Top Secret
Legend Level: Civilian (0-15) Legend Level: Civilian (0-15)
Official DRPR Powered Civilian
Legend Level: Trainee (16-40) Legend Level: Trainee (16-40)
Official DRPR Powered Trainee
Legend Level: Amateur (41-60) Legend Level: Amateur (41-60)
Official DRPR Powered Amateur
Legend Level: Professional (61-80) Legend Level: Professional (61-80)
Official DRPR Powered Professional
MeChip Warning System MeChip Warning System
Unlock MeChip Warning System