The Forgotten Ones Achievement List

Immortal Immortal
Use an healthkit at low health.
Keep blasting Keep blasting
Got the Panzerfaust.
Unstopable Unstopable
Got the FG-42.
Sniper Maniac Sniper Maniac
Got the SVT-40.
Find Slenderman.
Making Friends Making Friends
You spared the tourists.
Smack it away! Smack it away!
You did what was necessary.
Necronomicon Necronomicon
Found the book of darkness.
Can you smell that? Can you smell that?
Something is burning…
Psychopath Psychopath
You killed the tourists.
Vengeance Vengeance
Schienzel is forever dead.
The End, For Now... The End, For Now…
Beaten the game.