The Flock Achievement List

Such Win Such Win
Get victory in one round
Victorious Again Victorious Again
Get victory in 10 rounds
Master of the Artifact Master of the Artifact
Get victory in 25 rounds
Devmatch Devmatch
Get victory while playing against a developer
Shiny Shiny
Picked up the light artifact
Magnetic Magnetic
Became carrier 10 times
Inseparable Inseparable
Became carrier 25 times
Newbie Newbie
Played one round (tutorial counts!)
Regular Regular
Played 10 rounds
Seasoned Seasoned
Played 25 rounds
Match Match
Light one flock on fire
Flamethrower Flamethrower
Light 10 flocks on fire
Arsonist Arsonist
Light 25 flocks on fire
The Tables Have Turned The Tables Have Turned
Get burned by the light without dying, then become the carrier within 15 seconds