The Fall Achievement List

Allegory Allegory
Escape the cave.
Domesticated Domesticated
Complete all domestic tests.
Regicide Regicide
Make a royal mess.
Validated Validated
Complete your evaluation.
Fallen Fallen
Complete Episode 1.
Merciful Merciful
Evaluation: Pending…
Face-Off Face-Off
Evaluation: Complete.
In a Barrel In a Barrel
Nice reflexes!
Consider That a Divorce Consider That a Divorce
It’s better to have loved and lost…
Sadistic Sadistic
Light ’em up.
Tin Man Tin Man
You never even gave it a second thought…
Ask Questions Later Ask Questions Later
Repair Reaper.
Doesn't Learn Doesn’t Learn
Kids these days…
Fungicide Fungicide
I couldn’t escape!
Military Machine Military Machine
6 feet under.
Diag-Gnostic Diag-Gnostic
Collect all logs.