The Extinction Achievement List

Learning basics! Learning basics!
Complete the tutorial.
Smart takeover Smart takeover
Conquer your first planet in Side Campaign Mode
Mr. Defence Mr. Defence
Build your first defensive building in Side Campaing Mode
Proper investment Proper investment
Build your first profit building in Side Campaign Mode
Money Well-Spend Money Well-Spend
Purchase your first upgrade in the store.
Invincible property Invincible property
Buy a permanent security of your invaded planet.
Space Businessman Space Businessman
Trade some of your resources for cash for the first time.
Let me burn your hair Let me burn your hair
Buy a Flame Gun in the store.
Ion Boy Ion Boy
Purchase the Ion Cannon in the store.
Additional orders Additional orders
Complete at least one side-mission.
I just wanna be rich I just wanna be rich
Have three profit buildings in Side Campaign Mode
The Iron Maiden The Iron Maiden
Have 1000 units of iron.
I ain't new! I ain’t new!
Get promoted to the rank 2.
Experienced space-shooter Experienced space-shooter
Get promoted to the rank 5.
Almost GameMaster Almost GameMaster
Get promoted to the rank 10.
Threat Eliminated Threat Eliminated
Defeat the boss.
The Galaxy Owner The Galaxy Owner
Complete the Side Campaign.
Early Access Player Early Access Player
Play the game in early access.
Community Helper Community Helper
Help us create the game by playing in early access 🙂
Assembly Lover Assembly Lover
Create and purchase your own weapon.
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Complete all side-missions.
Alone in Space Alone in Space
Play a round of Survival Mode.
Girls just wanna have fun Girls just wanna have fun
Play a round in Fun Mode
Friendly Blaster Friendly Blaster
Play a round of co-op.
Plasma Madness Plasma Madness
Purchase all weapon upgrades in the shop.