The Enchanted Cave 2 Achievement List

Newbie Treasure Hunter Newbie Treasure Hunter
Successfully escape the cave with an artifact
Floor Sweeper Floor Sweeper
Completely clear one floor of all enemies and loot
Novice Alchemist Novice Alchemist
Craft 15 total potions
Adept Alchemist Adept Alchemist
Craft 75 total potions
Miniboss Slayer Miniboss Slayer
Defeat the Yeti
Hidden Achievement
1000 Souls 1000 Souls
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Champion Champion
Defeat the final boss
Amateur Collector Amateur Collector
Completely fill one equipment section of the museum
Completionist Completionist
Completely fill all sections of the museum
More Than Meets The Eye More Than Meets The Eye
Discover 10 secret areas
Seasoned Warrior Seasoned Warrior
Reach character level 25
Master Warrior Master Warrior
Complete the combat section of the skill tree
Master Wizard Master Wizard
Complete the magic section of the skill tree
Master Enchanter Master Enchanter
Complete the crafting section of the skill tree