The Empty Inn Achievement List

Light it! Light it!
Pick up your first match!
Healthy! Healthy!
Pick up your first health potion!
Key up! Key up!
Pick up your first key!
Unlock! Unlock!
Get the key for the second floor from a chest!
Swim! Swim!
Go for a swim!
Search! Search!
Search for something!
Turn off gate lock!
Find the corpse! Find the corpse!
Run! Run!
Encounter the ghost who haunts the inn!
Switch it! Switch it!
Flick the switches!
Why me? Why me?
Get killed!?!?!
End of it. End of it.
Complete the game!
Complete The Empty Inn on Extreme Mode!
Darkness! Darkness!
Lose all of your light!
I got one! I got one!
Collect all of the secret orbs!
An open portal. An open portal.
Open up the portal to… well, you’ll find out.
In chase. In chase.
Run away from the Collector’s Scouts!
Unlock and play through the secret ending!