The Dwarf Run Achievement List

Stonecruncher Stonecruncher
Make some stones out of boulder
Treasure Digger Treasure Digger
Get you hands on Colony’s treasure
Insect Lore Insect Lore
Free the temple yard of insect pestilence
Cleanser Cleanser
Exhaust Samuel’s Summoning Spellbook
Zeta Tester Zeta Tester
Deal with Arnold’s Zombie Showcase
Unapproachable Unapproachable
Win all Beggar tiers on the Arena
Desummonizer Desummonizer
Win all Summoning tiers on the Arena
Animalized Animalized
Win all Animal tiers on the Arena
Barbarossa Barbarossa
Win all Barbarian tiers on the Arena
Tourney Machine Tourney Machine
Win all Knight tiers on the Arena
We did it We did it
Complete the game