The Dungeons of Castle Madness Achievement List

Justice Justice
Complete the game
Champion Champion
Assemble the Sword of Light
Archmage Archmage
Assemble the Volcano Scroll
Prophet Prophet
Assemble the Storm Hammer
Executioner Executioner
Assemble the Axe of Passage
Mousenstein Mousenstein
Raise a mouse from the dead
Count Brass Count Brass
Brass set bonus
Copperhead Copperhead
Copper set bonus
Bronze Age Bronze Age
Bronze set bonus
Moon Silver Moon Silver
Silver set bonus
Golden Warrior Golden Warrior
Gold set bonus
Only the finest Only the finest
Fine set bonus
God of Thunder God of Thunder
Learn the Lightning Nimbus spell
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Slay the Guardian
Eagle Eyes Eagle Eyes
Find 25 secrets
Ultimate Justice Ultimate Justice
Win the game on Hardcore
Hero of Hilltown Hero of Hilltown
Reach level 10 with a character
Xeros Xob's Footsteps Xeros Xob’s Footsteps
Find the Invulnerashield
Hercules Hercules
Inflict 150,000 damage in one play through