The Dungeoning Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
Kill your first enemy
Killer Killer
Kill 20 Enemies
Serial Killer Serial Killer
Kill 100 Enemies
Butcher Butcher
Kill 1000 Enemies
Apprentice Dungeoneer Apprentice Dungeoneer
Survived first level
Enthusiast Dungeoneer Enthusiast Dungeoneer
Survived 30 levels
Master Dungeoneer Master Dungeoneer
Survived 100 levels
Tenth time lucky Tenth time lucky
Played 10 games
Half hour hero Half hour hero
Played for 30 minutes
Whole hour hero Whole hour hero
Played for 60 minutes
Searcher Searcher
Opened 10 chests
Obsessive Searcher Obsessive Searcher
Opened 50 chests
Bookworm Bookworm
Read 10 scrolls
Self Improvement Self Improvement
Read 50 scrolls
Refreshed Refreshed
Drink a potion
Drunk with power Drunk with power
Drink 50 potions
Potion Connoisseur Potion Connoisseur
Sample 500 fine potions
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Fire 100 Arrows
Bow Master Bow Master
Fire 1000 Arrows
Hidden Achievement
Poison Survivor Poison Survivor
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Burning Man Burning Man
Get Burned 10 times
Crash Landing Crash Landing
Fall too far 10 times
Smash 10 Blocks
Dungeon deconstructor Dungeon deconstructor
Smash 50 Blocks
Dungeon Destroyer Dungeon Destroyer
Smash 100 Blocks
Weed Killer Weed Killer
Cut down 50 bushes.
Bushwhacked Bushwhacked
Cut down 200 bushes
Bushpocalypse Bushpocalypse
Cut down 500 bushes
Box cutter Box cutter
Open 10 crates
Unboxing Unboxing
Open 50 crates
Boxer Boxer
Open 100 crates
Golden boy Golden boy
Collect 100 Gold
Hoarder Hoarder
Collect 500 gold
Fat Cat Fat Cat
Collect 1000 gold
U Jelly U Jelly
Kill 50 slimes
Self Defeat Self Defeat
Kill your own ghost
Self Destruct Self Destruct
Kill your ghost 10 times
Surprise attack Surprise attack
Kill a mimic
Boxing Match Boxing Match
Kill 10 chest monsters
Ghost Buster Ghost Buster
Kill 30 ghosts
PiedPiper PiedPiper
Kill 50 rats
Witch Hunter Witch Hunter
Kill 10 Witches
Sight for sore eyes Sight for sore eyes
Kill 10 eyesores
Damn Barrels Damn Barrels
Explode 10 barrels
Kill all barrels Kill all barrels
Explode 50 barrels
Back For More Back For More
New Game ++
Lap Of Honour Lap Of Honour
New Game +++