The Deadly Tower of Monsters Achievement List

Shiv-a-saur Shiv-a-saur
Kill a large dinosaur with a dagger
Hoopster Hoopster
Fly through 20 hoops
Missing scenes Missing scenes
Find 6 missing film reels
Bug off Bug off
Conquer the Nukular ant hive
Pyro-shepherd Pyro-shepherd
Guide 10 enemies into flaming turrets
King of the tower King of the tower
Defeat the Mega-Gorilla
With guns blazing With guns blazing
Max out 3 projectile weapons
Watch out Watch out
Remove 5 apes with watches from the set make an omelet …to make an omelet
Destroy all the mutant dinosaur eggs
Little island Little island
Find the castaway ape
Fell for it Fell for it
Defeat the Mechameleon
Bigger sticks Bigger sticks
Max out 3 melee weapons
Even better shot Even better shot
Destroy 25 target boards
Super hoopster Super hoopster
Fly through 50 hoops
Explosive efficiency Explosive efficiency
Kill 3 enemies with one landmine
Reach t' captain Reach t’ captain
Reach the captain of the ghost pirate ship
Bad Science Bad Science
Destroy Dr. Schopenstein’s replicator
Cephalopod slayer Cephalopod slayer
Defeat the gigantic mutant octopus
Dramatic rescuer Dramatic rescuer
Rescue Dick from the Mega-Gorilla
Show me your moves Show me your moves
Parry 20 enemy attacks
Good shot Good shot
Destroy 10 target boards
As in games! As in games!
Kill 10 enemies by jumping on them
Collateral damage Collateral damage
Kill 3 enemies with parried projectiles
Laundry list Laundry list
Complete all other achievements
Survive Survive
Complete 18 waves in survival mode