The Daring Mermaid Expedition Achievement List

Student of Logic Student of Logic
Miss Wellington is your patron.
Fable Apprentice Fable Apprentice
Lord von Tubingen is your patron.
Social Pupa Social Pupa
Baroness Scharknell is your patron.
Adventurer Junior Adventurer Junior
Mr. Fontana is your patron.
Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Education
Collect all four patrons.
Pen Pal Pen Pal
Write three letters to your patron.
Matchmaker Matchmaker
Reconcile Sandoval and Madame.
Mermaid Trapper Mermaid Trapper
Capture a mermaid.
Sweet Talker Sweet Talker
Persuade a mermaid to go with you.
Academic Feud Academic Feud
Alienate your patron.
Logical Conclusion Logical Conclusion
Romance Miss Wellington.
Silver Fox Hunter Silver Fox Hunter
Romance Lord von Tubingen.
Crossing the Tracks Crossing the Tracks
Romance Baroness Scharknell.
Careless Whisper Careless Whisper
Romance Mr. Fontana.
Well-Rounded Lover Well-Rounded Lover
Romance all four patrons.
Love Taker Love Taker
Break up with your patron.
Academic of Action Academic of Action
A bloodloss of five or more.
Foolproof Proof Foolproof Proof
Present seven or more pieces of evidence.
Landlubber Landlubber
Reach the ending with 0 swimming.
Safety First Safety First
Reach the ending with no blood loss.
Total Oblivion Total Oblivion
Reach the ending with no evidence.
Mermaid Chum Mermaid Chum
Perish in the mermaid city.
Embedded Journalist Embedded Journalist
Live with the mermaids.
Psychedemic Psychedemic
Hallucinate while presenting your findings.
Mermaid Memoirist Mermaid Memoirist
Write a book based on your adventures.
Well That Was Anticlimactic Well That Was Anticlimactic
Become a Scholar of the RGMS.
Impressive Figurehead Impressive Figurehead
Become the Grand Royal Scholar.
Jail Bird Jail Bird
Go to prison for fraud.
Jolly Roger/Regina Jolly Roger/Regina
Join Lucy Smokeheart’s crew.
Mermaid Consultant Mermaid Consultant
Advise mermaid hunters on Broken Shell Island.
Gormless Goober Gormless Goober
Do not get into the Society. Or anything else.
Obsessive Completist Obsessive Completist
Discover all ten endings.