The Charnel House Trilogy Achievement List

Password Protected Password Protected
You logged in and tracked your parcel.
The Breathing Method The Breathing Method
You suffered a great loss.
The Librarian The Librarian
You saved Lang from boredom.
Metafiction Metafiction
You discovered Alex’s identity crisis.
Special Delivery Special Delivery
You discovered the autobiographical element.
Wormfood Wormfood
You met the master.
Good Little Puppy Good Little Puppy
You endured Floyd’s torment.
Pay It Forward Pay It Forward
You tried to save Don from boredom… but failed.
Old Gloria Old Gloria
She’s a stubborn old gal.
In Brightest Day In Brightest Day
Should’ve got a ring with it.
Take The Edge Off Take The Edge Off
You accepted Floyd’s gift.
Mean Girls Mean Girls
You made Carli mad.
Call Out Call Out
You scared off your stalker… for now.
Eyes of the Gods Eyes of the Gods
Smoking really IS hazardous.
Salvation of Judas Salvation of Judas
You saved Carli.
The Ex The Ex
You found out the truth about Gavin.
Lydia's Story Lydia’s Story
You recounted Lydia’s story perfectly.
We All Float We All Float
You pulled out an old trick.